Below are some of our lovely students sharing their experiences of Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh at IndianYogshala. We are glad to have to have them as a part of our Yoga family.

Beverly at Indian Yogshala

“I learned yoga in Indianyogshala for one month; here classes are exclusively spiritual and traditional. My decision to become a Yoga teacher turned into a best decision of my life. Now I am teaching various of the students, thanks to Indian yogshala..”
Beverly, USA


Yvonne at Indian Yogshala

“Learning Yoga in Indianyogshala was astounding for me. Swami Gopal is a great teacher and very amenable and conversant. I would recommend him, especially for learners, who don’t know anything about yoga and willing to get ”
Yvonne, USA


Janeen at Indian Yogshala

“The ashram culture of Indianyogshala is really awesome; I had a pleasant first experience during my training course in Rihsikesh. The yoga classes were very gratifying. stay arrangement and food was amazing. I feel blessed since I been there. ”
Janeen, Australia


Danielek at Indian Yogshala

“My days with Indianyogshala have been so much helpful for me in the way of my life’s well being. The widen yoga knowledge of swami Gopal helped me to learn all critical virtues of yoga. I have no words to explain my experiences during the course thanks to Indian Yogshala and swami Gopal.”
Danielek, Germany


Dana at Indian Yogshala

“I had a great experience at Indianyogshala, initially I was too worried because of I was totally new to yoga ethics , it was the core support and teaching pattern of Indian Yogshala teachers that i have been completed training course without any problem. And today I am yoga teacher..”
Dana, France


Sara at Indian Yogshala

“I had a shift in my life, a shift that completely changed me from what person I was to what I am today. A change that is so happy and pleasing that I have no words to thank IndianYogshala and all the gurus who imarted such valuable knowledge on me. Happy to be a student of Indianyogshala”

-Sara, USA


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