Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whether there is any specific eligibility criterion for the course?

No! We have not put any eligibility condition for the enrollment in our program .

Q: Which type of yoga course i will be offered with?

All aspects of yoga have been covered under this program. Since yoga science is very deep and vital, our programme structure is designed considering every small and big vicinity of yoga.

Q: Whether there is any language mandate for the program ?

Yes, English is a must for non-Indian students. Knowledge of Hindi language is a surplus. The main barrier for communication between people from different countries is language. Hence we are offering our course in International language, English

Q: Whether study material will be available in the institute?

Yes, all the study material will be given to the students by institute only. No need to buy it from open market. Our study material is designed in an easy and adoptable way to make it more affable to understand.

Q: Whether it will make any impact if i discontinue my course in between?

Off course it will, breaking the study in the mid way will not useful to any, since end to end understanding of yoga concept are must to learn yoga.100% attendance in the course period is must. Half backed knowledge never get notice.

Q: Whether students get time to make their involvement in other activities?

Obviously yes! Weekly off on Sunday and in on working days there are several breaks between daily sessions. Students can utilize this time to make their involvement in other activities.

Q: What is the batch strength, “numbers of students”?

7-10 students are grouped as a batch, because of increasing numbers of students many of the institutes are taking classes with a big group of students in a batch, but we are increasing our classes rather increasing students in running classes.

Q: Age group of students?

Yoga study is not similar to other academics, our students are from all age group between 18-70, and we keep in notice the convenience of students for assembling a batch.

Q: Whether there is any specific outfit for yoga classes?

Yes, soft cotton outfits are designed by the institutes for yoga classes. These cloths are wearing the comfort of all yoga and asana postures; we are providing these apparels with its genuine price. Uniform is available in all size and fittings.

Q: Whether students are instructed to carry any article for the classes?
No! We are providing all necessary articles if required. This all is our responsibility, but still if any of the student wants it to buy it for own he can do so, as there are several markets near the institute with the availability of required things.

Q: Do the visa will be required for this course?

Yes! As per International travel rules and regulations every visitor who does not belong to Indian origin need to have valid visa. Although some of the nations are having mutual understanding on visa matters according to that visa is not must to travel to India. Please check at your embassy if visa required for. Visa policy for India is bit easy compare to other destinations. You can visit on traveler visa also as the course duration is not very much longer. Please ensure that, your visa period is not less than your course period. So be careful for this concern.

Q: What is the structure of course fee?

Please click here to see

Q: What are the stay options during the course?

Unlike other institutes we are facilitating students stay and food in Asram only. They need not to stay in the commercial residences. Since stay is very costly in rishikesh and second staying in hotels or guesthouses doesn’t make a sense of spirituality. Providing stay facility in the ashram itself is an idea to keep our students free from various problems. For stay and food cost please refer to fee structure

Q: Whether the accommodation safety measures are up to the point?

Rishikesh is known for the safe destination in India. The city is a tourist spot hence government is also serious on the security measure in the locality. As accommodation is being offered in ashrams only so there is nothing to worry for the safety.

Q: What is the food cost?

Please go through fee structure.

Q: Whether necessary household and usual goods available nearby?

Rishikesh is a very well recognized city. There are several markets available in a walking distance to get all the necessary household things. Students can get all necessary things at every market. Every time people from various countries travel this place so local residents are offering them all the necessary goods in the form a variety of established markets. So overlook your tensions, if there is any, related to your usual items. And keep your baggage lighter for travel cause.

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