About IndianYogshala

Indian Yogshala, a prime yoga training Institute in India. Offering Yoga Teacher Training classes in all branches of yoga science, we are good among registered yoga school in rishikesh. We are running various yoga teacher training programmes in various places of India e.g. yoga teacher training India, yoga teacher training rishikesh, yoga teacher training Hardwar, we have yoga courses for beginners, hath yoga, shivananda yoga, ashatanga yoga, asana, pranayam, kriyas, recitation, meditation techniques, Suryanamaskar, Kriya Yoga, Pranayama,Mantra, Yoga Sutra, our yoga education follows ashram yoga culture of ancient India. People from across the world visit here for yoga vacations in India and meditation training. Our institute runs under defined conditions of association for yoga and meditation. Through easy yoga lessons we make easy yoga classes, we have various yoga centres in India.

The aim of IndianYogshala is to uphold a new life chic which can save the humankind from fast spreading physical and mental diseases and help people to live a peaceful life through yoga and meditation and to teach ancient Vedic texts into modern languages and this can help science and technology to grow in a way which is not unhelpful to the environment.

The decent teaching ways of yoga teacher training�makes an easy and adoptive pattern which is being offered in an easy and decent language. All crucial steps of yoga are resolute with proper guidance and instructions of seniors. The green and healthy ambience of the ashram gives a pious feeling to the students which links with the purpose of yoga and its learning.�

Behind establishing IndianYogshala there is a motto to combat with physical and mental health challenges worldwide with the help of prehistoric researches of India’s great Rishis. In the mid age humankind has ignored our blessed culture and was moving towards new acceptances. But today again the populace has realized the importance of our back left acumen.

Today where the scientific medical researches ends, yoga gives a reason for hope and this is strongly agreed worldwide. The developing competitive phase of the world has left the human with stress, poor health and lots of disorders which are almost incurable in the medical science. Yoga is only the way to feud up all such problems and healthy living. To accomplish the deified aspire we try best at our level with your blessings and support.